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McGinley Services is one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair and air conditioning service in Aldan, PA, offering timely solutions to problems related to your air conditioning system. Our HVAC technicians will come to your rescue when you want emergency AC service or repair, or just need a hand with your residential or commercial cooling problems.

You'll find we take our job seriously and highly value the trust that is placed in us. McGinley Services goes far beyond what others do by investing in the training and equipment necessary to protect your home or family in Aldan, PA. Whether you have a central AC system, Heat Pump or Ductless Mini Split we are here to help.

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Call For No Ac On 1st Floor 2012 Brynt Ac. Found Failed Dual Capacitor 35+5 Reading 0+1.4 Replaced And Tested At 34.9/5.0 Compressor Amps 5/13 And Fan Amps 0.9/0.75 Slightly Over Rating May Be Damaged Due To Failed Capacitor. Supply Vent Temp 64. Ac Running On Departure Advised Proper Tune Up In Future
Robert , V. Aldan, PA
Zone Board Bad, Not Consistently Turning On Outdoor Unit. Advise Replacement Of Zone Controller. Refrigerant Pressures Low. Client Opted To Add Charge And Sign Up For Membership. Client Did Want To Re Wire Zone Controller At This Time
Nick, B. Aldan , PA
Filter Is Like New. Cannot Gain Access To Coil Or Data Plate For Blower Motor. Blower Capacitor Tests Out Of Range. Blower Wheel Clean. Outdoor Unit Not Level. Capacitor And Refrigerant Levels Test Out Of Range. Contactor Has Pitting And Charing. Compressor May Me Over Amping, Data Plate Is Severely Deteriorated. Based On LRA It Appears As Though Compressor Is Over Amping Due To Age And Cost Of Repairs, System Replacement Is Reccommended.
Stephen , M. Aldan , PA
Unit Running Without Compression On Arrival. Pulled Power Outdoor And Took Call Off From Stat. Looked At Indoor Coil, Not Frozen. Put Call On From Stat, Indoor Unit Starts Up. Outdoor Fan Running With No Compressor On Arrival Tested 35/5 Mfd Capacitor, Capacitor Reading Low(20mfd) On The Compressor Side. Replaced Capacitor, Restarted Compressor Still Not Running. Tested All Compressor Leads For Continuity All Leads Check Out. Tested Resistance Between Motor Windings All Fall Within Limits, Tested All Windings For Ground Motor Is Not Grounded. Tried To “kick Start” Compressor With A 55mfd Capacitor And “super Boost”kit Attached Motor Will Not Start. Motor Tries To Start In One Minute Intervals Pulling High Amps (57A) For Half A Second And Then Drops Out. (LRA 61A)
Mike , G. Aldan, PA

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