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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Are you looking for Air Conditioning maintenance in Clifton Heights, PA ? Our AC and Air Conditioning service technicians have years of experience working on Central AC Systems like yours in Clifton Heights, PA. McGinley Services has service vehicles on call that are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your Cooling System back up and operating.

We offer Central Air Conditioner maintenance and maintenance agreements to keep your AC system running great. You can rely on McGinley Services to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly. Ask us about maintenance agreements for your high efficiency Air Conditioner today.

We provide Air Conditioning Maintenance in Clifton Heights, PA

We provide Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreements in Clifton Heights, PA

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Installed UV Light And Performed Tune Up. Blower Motor Tests Within Range. Ac Coil Is Clean. Tested Condensate Pump. Condensate Pump Discharging In An Appropriate Amount Of Time. Blower Wheel In Decent Condition. Duct Work Has Moderate Dirt Accumulation. Outdoor Unit Compressor And Condenser Fan Motor Test Within Range. Unit Had One Miss-sized Cap On Refrigerant Lines, Installed Appropriate Cap Size. Contactor In Good Condition. Capacitor Tests Out Of Range On Both Sides. Refrigerant Levels Lower Than Ideal. Added 9oz 410A Included With Tune Up. Pressures Now Test Within Range. Advise Replacing Capacitor And Doing A Duct Cleaning. Client Opted To Only Replace Capacitor At This Time.
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