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Water or Steam Boiler Repair

If your heating system in Clifton Heights, PA is not working it is likely your boiler needs repair or a good servicing. At times the fix is simple, at times not. Our heating service technicians have years of experience working on hot water or steam boiler systems like yours in Clifton Heights, PA. McGinley Services service vehicles are on call 24 hours per day are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your furnace back up and operating.
Our boiler repair, service or replacement pricing is competitive. Our estimates are always firm with no hidden surprises. You can rely on McGinley Services to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly.

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Checked Radiators And Made Sure They Were Full No Air. All Radiators Were Heating Up To 145 Degree Except The Dining Room And The Kitchen Radiators. Down Stairs In Basement The Line Supplying The Two Radiators Was Reading 145 Degree Before It Went Into The Wall. At The Wall I Took A Temperature Through A Hole Reading 45 Degrees So It Is Causing Significant Heat Loss. What I Did Was Adjusted A Internal Limit That Allows Return Water To Be A Higher Temperature. By Adjusting This It Will Allow The Boiler To Heat The Water Hotter In Return Giving More Heat To The Radiators. The Highest Temperature The Boiler Was Getting When I Arrived Was 167 Degrees. Since The Setting Was Changed In Is Now 169. The Two Radiators Are Also Reading Hotter Then Before. Also Made Home Owner Aware That The Space With Only Two Radiators Is Very Large May Need Another Rad
Carole, A. Clifton Heights, PA
No Heat Call For A NTI Direct Vent Boiler. Boiler Was Not Heating The Home For Quite A While, But After Someone Came To Look At It The Boiler Also No Longer Worked For The Domestic Water In The Home. Found There To Be A Bad Connection. Repaired The Connection. Boiler Fired Up And Produced Hot Domestic Water. Boiler Gets Up To Temperature, But The Water Is Not Moving. Found The Valve For Hot Water To The Baseboards To Be Malfunctioned, Recommend Replacing.
Steward, S. Clifton Heights , PA
Tune Up On New Yorker Gas Boiler From 2016 Bird’s Nest With Dead Bird Stuck Inside The Flue Pipe. This Tripped The System Into Not Starting. Removed Nest With Bird And Re-set Limit. Cleaned Out Burners And Burner Floor Using Vacuum. Replaced Burners. Heat Exchanger In Good Condition. PSI In Boiler Reading 8, Filled The Boiler Until About 30 Psi. Thermostat Is Not Calling For The Boiler To Start, Recommend Replacement. Jumped Boiler At Board Gas Valve Reading Low On Inlet Side. Pressure In Is Too Low, Recommend Calling PECO And Having Them Adjust Gas Pressure In WHILE The System Is In Operation. Relief Valve Has No Piping To The Floor, Recommend Piping 3-6 Inches From The Ground To Bring Up To Code. Auto Feeder Is Over Feeding And Is Likely Why It Was Shut Off. Active Leak On The Supply Side Of The System. All Electrical Within Specs. Recommend Having Your Boiler Tune-up Before Every Heating Season To Ensure Its Safety And Efficiently Running. Consider Joining Our Membership Program For $10 A Month A Reaping Benefits Such As 10% Discount On Repairs.
Deahmane , G. Clifton Heights, PA

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