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Gas Boilers

Today's gas boilers in are much more efficient and versatile than equipment available even 5 or 10 years ago. Many have efficiencies that are greater than 90% and may be eligible for rebates or tax credits. New systems can work with existing or new steam, hot water baseboard, radiant, or air handler systems. If you own a home or business in Havertown, PA call McGinley Services to either service your existing boiler or install a new high efficiency gas boiler.

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Navien NCB-180
Converted Old Chimney Vent Gas Boiler And Water Heater To 95% Efficient Combination Boiler And Water Heating System. Ample Isolation Valves For Ease Of Future Service And Repair. Outdoor Reset To Deliver The Highest Efficiency Based On The Temperature Outside And Inside To Squeeze Every Penny Possible Out Of Your Home Heating System. Pair That With Pumping Away Piping Design To Maximize Water Flow Through The System And Removal Of Air.
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