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Radiant Heating Installation

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Called For Too Much Heating In Master Bath Room. Observations As Follows 1.Master Bathroom Zone Valve Is Failed In A Half Open Half Closed Position So When Any Of The Radiant Floor Zones Turn On It Would Heat The Master Bath. 2. First Floor Zone Valve For Radiant Flooring Has An Internal Short That Was Causing The First Floor And Master Bath Zone To Over Heat. 3. There Is A Mixing Valve Body For All The Radiant That Has Failed And Instead Of Replacing Was Just Removed And Set In A Position To Allow Water Flow This Will Cause Radiant Floor Zones On That Mixing Block To Over Heat Making The Floor Too Hot To Walk On. 4. “Apartment” Zone Was Not Heating Be Because The Radiant Heating Was Off At The Main Power Switch. 5. There Are Three Circulator Pumps That While Are Working Are Giving A Grinding Noise Indicating Potential Failure In The Future 6. There Is A Plastic Condensate Trap On The Boiler That Has A Leak. I Did Try Draining And Cleaning Up The Gasket To See If Drip Would Stop. It Did Not. 7. There Are A Hand Full Of Pipe Connections Heavily Corroded But Not Leaking. 8. There Are 3 Zone Valve That The Manual Leaver To Operate Is Broken For The Radiant Flooring Overall All Of The Zone Valves Are Old And Replacing Them Piece Mill Will Be More Expensive Over Time Than All At Once.
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