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Oil furnaces must be maintained consistently to ensure reliable performance. If your oil furnace Pottstown, PA is not working properly it is likely your furnace needs service. Our heating service technicians have years of experience working on oil furnaces like yours in Pottstown, PA. McGinley Services service vehicles are on call 24 hours per day are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your oil furnace back up and operating.

Our oil furnace repair, furnace service or replacement pricing is competitive. Our estimates are always firm with no hidden surprises. You can rely on McGinley Services to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly.

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Replaced Nozzle Filter And Strainer. Oil Level Is Just Above 1/4 Tank. Oil Burner Is In Good Condition, However CAD Cell Has Signs Of Deterioration. Noted Primary Control Is An Older Style That Keeps Igniter On Throughout The Entire Combustion Process, Which Could Cause The Igniter To Fail Prematurely As It Is Not Designed To Be On All The Time. Auto Feeder Off At Valve Due To Over Feeding Stated By The Client. Backflow Preventer And Relief Valve Are Dry And Are In Good Condition. System Running With 0 Smoke And 2PPM CO. System Is In Good Working Order. System Running Upon Departure. Advise Ordering Oil, Cad Cell, And Primary Control On Oil Side. Advise Drain Valve And Auto Feeder On Water Side. In Order To Due Water Side Repairs, Window Units On Pallet Would Need To Be Moved Away From The Boiler.
Wayne , H. Pottstown, PA
Found Aquastat To No Be Providing Power To Oil Burner. A Visual Inspection Of The Boiler Found There To Be Large Quantities Of Debris In The Heat Exchanger. Also Found A Leak On The Corner Of The Block. Client Stated He Ran Out Of Oil On Twined 275gallon Oil Tanks. Pressure Gauge Has “Bad” Written On The Cover. Advise Replacement Nozzle, Filter, Strainer, Aquastat, And Cleaning The Block. These Repairs Are Just Getting Started As Their Could Be Other Damages Unforeseen At This Moment. Due To Age And Cost Of Repairs, System Replacement Is Recommended. Client Opted To Replace Aquastat And Clean Heat Exchanger As A Temporary Fix Until A New Boiler Can Be Installed. Client Payed Deposit On New Boiler. System Running Upon Departure.
Mark, R. Pottstown, PA

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