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Water or Steam Boiler Repair

If your heating system in Prospect Park, PA is not working it is likely your boiler needs repair or a good servicing. At times the fix is simple, at times not. Our heating service technicians have years of experience working on hot water or steam boiler systems like yours in Prospect Park, PA. McGinley Services service vehicles are on call 24 hours per day are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your furnace back up and operating.
Our boiler repair, service or replacement pricing is competitive. Our estimates are always firm with no hidden surprises. You can rely on McGinley Services to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly.

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Called For No Heat On 3rd Floor. Found Stat To Be Not Set Properly. Client Asked For A Tune Up. Expansion Tank Is In Good Condition. Air Eliminators Are All No.67’s(3). Circulator Tests Within Range. Aqua Stat Set To 185. Heat Exchanger Is In Good Condition. Electrical Connections Are Tight And Clean. Cleaned Burner Cabinet. Chimney Base Is Clear. Gas Pressure At System Is Utilizing Older Pumping Configuration With Air Scoop, Zone Valves, Standard Pump, Air Eliminators, And Ignition Process. Due To Age Of Boiler System Replacement Ball Parks Are Provided.
Pat, Q. Prospect Park , PA
Pressure Switch Rated At 1.36 Inducer Pulling 2.4. Flame Sensor Reads 1.5 For Pilot 3+ Full Fire Verified Pressure Tube Port Were Clear. System Has 121vac. Good Continuity On Ground. Tested Ignition Numerous Times, No Issues. This Issue Appears To Be A Thermostat Fault. Existing Thermostat Is A 2 Wire Nest Stat. These Stats Will Only Charge When There Is No Call From Boiler.
Gregory , E. Prospect Park, PA
Out For Insufficient Heating, On Arrival Boiler Was Running And The Baseboard Radiators Were Ranging From 160F Down To About 140F. In Basement Boiler Was Cycling On And Off On Temperature It Is Set For 190f The Temp Gauge Reads 210f And The Actual Water Temperature Leaving The Boiler Is 170f. Both Guage And Temperature Control Are Not Reading Correctly. While 170 F Is Hot This Space Only Has A Limited Amount Of Baseboard Heating (entire Back Wall Has Zero Heating On It) A Small Issue Like This Exacerbate It.
Union Avenue Group, L. Prospect Park , PA
Purged 2 Zones Both Zones Hot No Gargling System Working Properly Left Estimate For Tune Up Membership
Donna, B. Prospect Park , PA
Upon Arrival Tstat Calling For Heat. Went To Boiler In Basement Aqua Stat Is Calling Circulating Pump Is Running Checked Aqua Stat And No Power To The Burners/ Gas Valve. Checked Burner Assembly, Burners, Chamber They All Look Good. Unable To Test Full Operation Until Aqua Stat Is Replaced. That Means Additional Repairs May Be Required. I Can Not Test The Control Box Or The Gas Valve Without The Aqua Stat Working. Installed New Aqua Stat Tested Out System System Is Operating Properly Now.
Eleanor , G. Prospect Park, PA

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